Our Results

We're proud of what our clients have achieved. The biggest step they took was in calling us to get started, it was their motivation and drive that got results! 

See some of our success stories. We'd be thrilled to help you with yours!


Goals: Build muscle and lose fat.

Our Recommendation: Michelle wanted to feel better about herself.

We recommended a nutrition plan to help her lose fat while building muscle in the gym - we needed to make sure she nourished herself properly for her goals!

Michelle committed to her goal of getting stronger!

Michelle - Before.PNG

Lost 7% body fat

Gained 15lbs of lean muscle

MIchelle - After.PNG


Goals: Feel better!

Dave came to us with one goal - feel better.

We worked with Dave to make better food choices and to get his body moving 3 days a week with us.

The result? Dave earned his abs at age 60!

Dave - Before.PNG

Abs at age 60!

Dave did this with only 3 days a week

Dave - After.PNG


Like most young women, Rikkia wanted to lose weight.

We made a plan to get Rikkia feeling better about herself and the body she wanted.

We walked Rikkia through better food choices and created a physical plan to get her bikini-ready.

Rikkia reached her goal in 9 months!


Down 51lbs!


40 inches lost


Reduced her body fate by an incredible 21% 

Rikia - After.PNG